Reduce pressure on slurry storage with dirty water irrigators

Instead of letting dirty water – be it parlour washings or very very dilute slurry – run into the slurry lagoon, divert it into a holding tank from where it can be pumped out to the field and spread by a Briggs Roto Rainer.

Ingeniously simple, these award-winning Roto Rainers provide an efficient, low cost method of disposing thin slurry and dirty water. Application rates of 5mm or less can be achieved with all models to fit in with dirty water disposal guidelines.

The low trajectory of throw keeps the height of the liquid well under 4m which also fits in with ‘best practice’ guidelines for the application of dirty water or slurry.

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Slurry separator – Sperrin Optiflow – the best choice where sand bedding is used

A simple way to reduce the volume of slurry going into the storage is to remove the fibre content using a slurry separator. Where sand is being used for bedding, we recommend roller-press separators are used as these are more durable in this situation.

In particular, the Sperrin Optiflow.

Satellite storage tanks – a cheaper alternative to conventional silos, and also relocatable

Satellite storage tanks offer a cheaper and more flexible alternative to conventional permanent silos. They are made from a galvanized sheet structure which supports a special PVC lining. They are suitable for storing up to 2,000m3 of slurry, and have a lifespan of around 20 years, or longer if well-maintained.

In England and Wales, planning permission to erect a satellite tank is not required, which considerably speeds up the process of establishing some extra slurry storage. They do not require a concrete pad to be laid. Instead, a half-metre depth into the soil is dug and the tank constructed, after which the soil is then pushed back around the base. Thus, a major advantage they have over conventional silos is that they are relocatable.

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