Case IH has been at the forefront of precision farming for more than a decade with its Advanced Farming Systems (AFS™) which give farmers and contractors the ability to monitor and manage the entire crop production cycle.

When buying a new tractor from SAS, we will discuss with you the best combinations of precision farming tools to suit your needs. We can also retrofit these technologies to your existing tractors and implements.

For most of our customers, the starting point for precision is the automatic steering options and ISOBUS controllers. The AFS tools include everything you need to achieve repeatable accuracy down to 2.5cm, reduce overlaps and cut input costs — and maximize the crop’s yield potential.

But there’s a lot more to take advantage of: field sensors which feedback information on soil conditions, NIRS sensors which analyse your silage as you make it, geofencing to keep your machines secure.

And to ensure you make the most of your kit, there’s a dedicated AFS support team – at SAS and CASE IH. There’s also an AFS Academy with its own app, to help you make the most of the functionality available: it includes mobile tutorials, web-based classes and regional training sessions.

So for all your precision farming needs no matter what colour your tractors, self-propelled sprayer, combine or forager, then give us a call to see what we can do for you on 01829 771509.

Some examples of the AFS equipment that can help improve your efficiency:

Auto Pilot Implement Steering Systems

There are two options:

  • True Guide – passive steering where the tractor is steered off line to keep the implement on line.
  • True Tracker – active steering where the implement controls the steering.

Fleet management

Want to know where your tractors are and whether they are in work?

Installing AFS Connect will enable you to monitor your tractor or tractor fleet – it provides information on location, working status and it also flags up any error codes.

It gives peace of mind on security too – users can create ‘geofences’ and curfews and be alerted if tractors start moving when they shouldn’t.

FIELD IQ for sprayers

For greater efficiency and economy, Field IQ controls the application rates of herbicides on a wide range of sprayer makes.

Generic kits are available for Amazone, Berthoud, Lemken, Technoma, Hardi, Teejet, Kuhn, Keverneland and Voglenoot.

In addition, the AG XTEND range of equipment can provide even greater farming precision:

Optimisation of crop nitrogen balance

To optimise the nitrogen balance of the crop, the Crop Explorer sensor determines what N rates to apply via RS-232 or ISOBUS and the spreader or sprayer mounted in real-time.

Assess compaction depth

The SOIL Explorer crop biomass sensor measures soil conductivity at four different depths which indicates how deep compaction is, and hence to what depth cultivation is needed.

Real-time monitoring for harvest or applications

When forage-harvesting or slurry-spreading, the near infra-red sensor technology NIRXACT provides monitoring of moisture, protein and nitrogen levels.

Electric weed control!

XPower is a unique environmentally-friendly technology which can replace chemicals by using electricity to control weeds.

XPower can also be used for chemical-free pre-harvest desiccation of crops.

Remote monitoring of soil conditions

To assess a crop’s irrigation needs, equipment such as WEATHERXACT, RAINXACT and SOILAXT can be installed in the field.

These monitor the conditions of the soil, and information is automatically fed back to your phone or computer.