We’ve got the people, equipment, knowledge and expertise to repair and fabricate all types of farm machinery. We can also design and build new products to resolve specific farm issues.

In our workshop, we have the facilities to weld aluminium, stainless steel and steel. We can press, fold, roll and cut. So we can carry out a wide range of repair work, such as replacing the tines on a grab or renewing the edge strips on a bucket.

With our facilities and engineers, we also undertake our own design projects. We make our own SAS trailing shoes and dribble bars. We also invented the SAS Gutter Scraper and SAS Extreme Scraper to tackle specific challenges: these were designed in our workshop, tested on local farms, and are now available as standard SAS products.

We also have the tools and expertise to extend the working life of any brand of diet feeder, through our re-lining and auger repair service. Sometimes, it’s just the augers in a feeder that need re-flighting, we can do this for less than half the cost of a new auger.

By planning ahead and booking a service before there’s an issue, all the maintenance and repair work can be done on-farm. So it’s less hassle for you, and no change in routine for your cows. Give us a call if you think your diet feeder is starting to wear, or if it’s taking longer to mix rations, and we’ll come and have a look and give you a quote.

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