Good grassland is the key to profitability on livestock units. At SAS we provide a range of machinery to establish and maintain productive grass leys, and to cut and cart grass to the silage clamp, or straight to the cow.

We have been the distributor for Pottinger across Cheshire and North Wales for a number of years now. This is a brand well-recognised for its comprehensive range of grassland machinery and cultivation equipment.

One piece of kit that’s worth a special mention is the Pottinger Jumbo Combiline. This is robustly built to serve as both a forage wagon and a harvest trailer. Its dual-purpose use has made it a popular choice for our customers.

0% finance deals are frequently available on Pottinger machinery. Please call us to find out more.

Grassland Maintenance

We can also supply grassland maintenance equipment: KRM fertiliser spreaders, Watson rollers and Biddy aerators.

Zero grazing is a system adopted on some farms where grazing fields are a long way from the parlour, or as a back-up to protect leys in wet conditions. SAS is the national distributor for Zero-Grazer a company specialising in this type of grass-harvesting equipment with 15 different models available.

Zero Grazer
Zero Grazer

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