With over 25 years of experience in diet feeder machinery, SAS offers a wide range of products to suit different budgets and situations. From leading brands Keenan, Abbey Machinery and Trioliet, there’s a choice of trailed feed mixers with paddles or vertical augers, including high capacity self-propelled diet feeders and automatic feeding systems.

SAS can also help improve your feed management by specifying an appropriate weigh system for your needs and fitting or retro-fitting it to any feeder. There’s now the technology to link what happens in the yard back to the office computer to give you better control of feed stocks and costs.

If your mixer wagon is starting to wear thin in places, and/or mixing is taking longer as the augers aren’t so sharp, then ask us about our re-line and auger repair service and extend the life of any feeder.

Once the TMR is mixed and fed out, we can recommend the labour-saving robotic feed pusher Joz Moov which keeps feed pushed up to the cows. Dairy customers have reported increases in dry matter intakes and milk yields; cows are calmer too. If you’re interested in seeing one in action or would like us to visit for a site survey, then give us a call.

For farms wanting to cut and take grass to the cows, we supply zero-grazing machines too.

We provide a 24/7 back up service for all our diet feeder customers, however to avoid breakdowns – especially those on a Sunday morning! – we recommend diet feeders are given an annual service. Give us a call for a quote – we will come out to your farm so there’s no disruption to you and your cows.

We stock spare parts for all the popular makes of diet feeder and can usually get your machine working again very soon. However, in the event of a more major breakdown, we can provide short-term hire of a diet feeder. We aim to ensure you can never not feed your cows.

Zero Grazer

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