The fitting out of a new shed – or refurbishing of an old one – is just as important as the design of the building itself. With the right choice of equipment, cow comfort can be optimised, and labour time saved.

We can supply everything you need for cattle sheds: gates, self-locking yokes, cubicles, mattresses, troughs, drinkers, crushes, calf pens and hutches.

For bedding we offer a range of machines which include;

Shelbourne Reynolds  These Cubicle Bedders are available in three models CB100, CB150 & CB300. A robust simple design that provides a uniform bed quickly and efficiently with minimal operator effort. A wide range of materials can be spread such as sand, sawdust, wood shavings, processed paper, lime, straw and gypsum etc.

Flingk  The Flingk SE 250 dispenser is a walk behind unit with an electric agitator & conveyor belt which makes bedding cow cubicles fast & easy, saving time & money. The adjustable aperture plate along with a fully adjustable conveyor speed, allows the operator to put the correct amount of product exactly where required from either the left or right hand side of the bin. Easily adjustable handle bars & optional third wheel give the operator ease of movement throughout the process. Please enquire about a Demo. 

We also supply Lucas G trailed & mounted straw choppers with a range of machines to meet your needs. Demonstration machines also available.

A new innovation for livestock sheds is the Joz Moov robotic feed pusher, which keeps rations pushed up to the feed fence – it’s a big time-saver.

Good ventilation is fundamental to the good health of housed animals. We are national distributors for Italian ventilation specialist CMP and can supply a variety of different fans and ventilations systems. If poor ventilation is depressing animal health in the winter, or temperatures are too high in the summer, then call us for a site survey and we will design a system to suit your shed.

We can also advise on a range of slurry handling systems and product solutions tailored to your buildings, cow numbers, storage facilities and environmental constraints. These include flooring grids, pre-cast slurry channels and slats.

A recent addition to our range of housing equipment is an automated blind system to badger-proof your cow sheds. Call us for more information.

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