Continuously Variable Transmission

7 Models, 370-620 (Peak: 406-682)

Engine Horsepower: Case IH Steiger® series tractors set industry records for fuel efficient power and deliver a proven record of performance and productivity. The new family includes 42 configurations so you can customize a Steiger tractor to your operation.

CVXDrive™ Transmission Delivers Endless Applications and All-season Productivity

Take control of every season, every application with the new intuitive, easy-to-use Steiger® series tractors with CVXDrive continuously variable transmission. It’s the first continuously variable transmission for an articulated 4WD tractor and delivers the highest horsepower available on the market —up to 605 peak horsepower – so you can take on year-round farming applications and specialty applications. Legendary 4-track Design For 20 years, we’ve led and perfected track technology with our Steiger® Quadtrac® and Rowtrac™ tractors.

One major advantage Steiger tractors have over any competition is their independent, 4-track design, which provides outstanding traction and flotation, better handling, less rutting and berming, and full power on the ground in curves and turns — offering flexibility to operate in a variety of conditions, and make the most of short operating windows.

Model Options: Unmatched 4WD Tractor


Choose from 42 configurations from Quadtrac ™, Rowtrac™ wheeled, and scraper options to best fit your operation or line of business. The Most Powerful Tractor in the Industry Steiger tractors offer up to 682 peak horsepower — the most in the industry. And with 10 percent


Growth capabilities built into all our engines, they can handle even more in difficult conditions without compromising performance.

CVXDrive Continuously Variable Transmission

Set It and Forget It Dial in the exact speed you need for the job — from 3 feet per minute up to 25 mph. No need to use the clutch or shift; the Steiger CVXDrive automatically selects the most efficient transmission range to work at the speed you need. Features familiar controls, including the integrated split-throttle on the MultiControl Armrest found in Magnum®, Optum®, Puma® and Maxxum® continuously variable transmission tractors.

Continuous Hydraulic Flow

The Steiger CVXDrive delivers unprecedented efficiency with greater precision and control over inputs, whether planting, seeding, fertilizing or spraying. It’s flexibility that aids year-round use for any number of jobs.

Up to 605 peak horsepower on Steiger 540 hp models provides the power and torque needed for the toughest conditions you experience.

Add Productivity to Row Crop Applications

The Steiger tractor won’t take up space in the shed. From planting to harvest, CVXDrive puts you in greater control of every application, all year long:

  • Planting and seeding
  • Secondary tillage
  • Nutrient application
  • Harvest when pulling grain carts
  • Silage packing
  • Hauling trailers and slurry tankers

Expand Your Business With Specialty Applications

Your productivity can go beyond the typical agricultural use. Steiger CVXDrive tractors deliver the constant hydraulics and low-speed torque for multiple operation including:

  • Laying tile for subsurface drainage
  • Land leveling and earth moving  Land Reclamation

The same tractor you use to plant with can also be used to perform multiple non-traditional ag operations, such as laying field drainage tile or working scraper jobs. The versatile efficiency of the Steiger CVXDrive strengthens the options available to your business or operation. Do more work and increase profit potential — without needing to hire a contractor. TILE PLOW. Spring or fall, pair the Steiger CVXDrive with a tile plow to improve subsurface drainage. Steady RPMs maintain more power to the ground at speeds as low as 3 feet per minute. Constant high-flow hydraulics and low-speed torque keep the tile plow set to grade, without stalling. Easier operation allows operators to focus on tile grade for improved performance. LOOSE MATERIALS PUSHING AND PACKING. Simple shuttle operation: the engine delivers constant power to the ground at any speed, in either direction. Move from forward to reverse with one hand on the controller; the CVXDrive runs through its power range seamlessly. In applications like the packing and pushing of loose materials (e.g., silage, snow, woodchips), CVXDrive excels. The left hand manages forward/reverse, and the right hand operates a joystick.

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