Spearhead Sniper 270 LH Flail Mower


Machine weight:670kg (1477lbs)
Hitch:Cat 2 with floating clevis top link
Hitch position:Rear mount only
Cutting width:2.70m (8′ 10″)
Overall width:2.90m (9′ 6″)
Overall length:0.95m (3′ 2″)
Cowl height:480mm (1′ 7″)
Cutting height:10mm – 30mm (0.4″ – 1.2″)
Cutting capacity:40mm (1.6″)
Maximum offset distance (hydraulic):400mm (1′ 4″)
Recommended tractor HP:80hp (60kW)
Power take-off speed:540/1000rpm
Gearbox:Cast iron housing with integrated enclosed connecting shaft
Input shaft:1-3/8″ Z6
Gearbox lubricant:EP80-90W or GL-4 / GL-5 oil
Gearbox oil capacity:1.2 litres (2.1 pints)
Cowl construction:All welded construction
Skid construction:Replaceable bolt-on skid
Flail:Heavy duty hammer flail
Flail quantity:34
Flail tip speed:48 m/s (9448 fpm)
Rotor diameter:159mm (6.3″)
Roller diameter:140mm (5.5″)
Number of belts:5