New Storth Lagoon Kestrel Mixer Pump

Key Features

  • Versatile range available 6.1m (20ft) or 7.5m (25ft)

  • Fully galvanised metal work for extended product life

  • Low power requirement 90-112 kW (120-150 hp)

  • Robust 50mm (2″) drive shaft & bearings

  • Sturdy headstock to withstand lateral forces

  • Heavy duty main tube protection bar

  • Low maintenance Storth wet run fluted bottom bearing

  • High output induction impellor, 12.5 m3/min (3300 gal/min)

  • 300o Hydraulic spout rotation c/w hydraulic control

  • Cow horn impellor leg protection

    System Advantages

    • Simple prove agitation for medium sized lagoons
    • Proven design and operation for over 10 years
    • Manoeuvrable and flexible around lagoons and store
    • Replaceable wear parts
    • Ability to cope with longer fibre