Storth FarmerPlus Dribble Bar (Tanker) 7.5m

Storth FarmerPlus Dribble Bar (Tanker) 7.5m

Designed primarily for the slurry tanker market, Storth has incorporated a QuickFit system which can be matched with either a back door or tanker chassis mount to give a simple piggy-back set-up. This system allows for height adjustment, quick dribble bar removal and easy transfer of bar between different brands of tanker.



The tanker dribble bar is operated by one double acting hydraulic service which makes use of a simple in cab control box to switch functions between distributor and boom fold. Features include break back safety wings, wing transport support, anti-burst hydraulic safety valves, LED lights and easy access distributor.

FarmerPlus Tanker Dribble Bar

Key Features

  • Retrofit to any make of tanker
  • Width range of 7.5m
  • Fully galvanised corrosion protection
  • Simple rear door mount with QuickHitch system (7.5m)
  • Flexible height adjustment systems
  • Chassis mount QuickHitch systems (10m, 12m)
  • Simple Storth NovaCutPlus distributor
  • Anti-block 51mm outlet pipes  63mm layflat placement pipes
  • LED Road lights
  • Hydraulic safety valves

System Advantages

  • Low ammonia, nitrate and phosphate emissions
  • 10% improvement on nutrient availability (v’s splash plate)
  • Reduced leaf contamination
  • Lower re-stocking times
  • Increased accuracy of placement