• Fully galvanised
  • Sizes 6′, 6’6″, 7’2″ IN STOCK Larger available on request 
  • Dual direction
  • Heavy duty rubber blades
  • Female A frame and 3 point linkage as standard
  • Able to follow uneven ground
  • Easily changeable parts
  • Clean yards
  • Reduced spillage and splash
High capacity fully galvanised box scraper – reduces time and effort.

The Storth Multi Scraper can be used as either a push and pull scraper, with no levers or catches to operate.  It has independently moving sides to follow uneven surfaces and ensure the slurry is retained within the box enclosure.

A standard size female “A” frame is incorporated into the 3 point linkage, which is in turn mounted on springs to ensure downward pressure on the heavy duty rubber scraping blades to give a clean scrape.