The majority of farms in our local area have dairy herds, so it’s not surprising that we’ve become experts in devising and installing slurry handling systems.

We supply equipment from a wide range of well-known brands including Storth Machinery and Abbey Machinery, and also source quality products from lesser known manufacturers who can equally deliver good quality at a competitive price.

We can also develop equipment to combat specific problems, for instance, the SAS Gutter Scraper for moving sand, and the SAS Extreme Scraper for wide passageways.

We can provide a wide range of solutions from scraping up In the Shed, to Slurry Storage, to spreading On the Field. Wherever there is slurry, we’ve got the knowledge and equipment to make life easier for you.

Every farm has different slurry handling challenges, so we take a tailored approach and will visit your farm to assess the best solution for you.

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