SAS Cable Scraper

Scraper systems

In scraper systems, there are a variety of materials which can be used to pull the scrapers down the passageways. We offer all types: chain, hydraulic, cable and rope.

SAS Gutter Scraper

Sand has become very popular as a bedding material thanks to its anti-bacterial properties. But it can cause major issues when it clogs up slurry channels. So we have developed the SAS Gutter Scraper – it’s an underground box scraper, built so it is strong enough to move sand, and pull it along the channel and out into the lagoon. If this sounds like the solution you are looking for, then give us a call and we can take you onto a farm to show you one working.

Joz robotic scraper system

In sheds with slatted floors, another option is to install a Joz robotic scraper system. Call us for more information.

SAS Extreme Scraper

SAS Extreme Scraper

In response to the increasing number of new sheds built with wide passageways, we’ve also developed the SAS Extreme Scraper. When attached to the front of a telehandler, its hydraulic folding wings open out to a maximum width of 15ft, enabling sheds to be scraped out faster and more efficiently.