We can calculate your storage requirements and advise on the optimum facilities and handling systems for your farm. We can also supply equipment to reduce pressure on storage capacity and give peace of mind through the winter months.

Satellite storage tanks

Satellite storage tanks

As well as conventional permanent silos, we also supply satellite storage tanks. These consist of a galvanised sheet structure which supports a PVC lining. Planning permission is not required in England and Wales. Tanks can hold up to 2000m3 of slurry, have a 20-year life span, and have the great advantage of being relocatable.

Mixing of lagoon slurry

Slurry lagoons

Digging a slurry lagoon is a cheaper option than silos, however consideration needs to be given to its location on the farm, and whether a liner and/or cover, are required. Where slurry contains sand, a slurry mixer is highly recommended. We can advise on lagoon construction, and supply any equipment needs

Roto Rainer

Dirty water irrigators

To reduce pressure on storage capacity, dirty water and/or very dilute slurry can be diverted into holding tanks and then pumped out to a field-based Briggs Roto Rainer irrigator for spreading. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Separating out the manure fibures

Slurry separators

Installing a slurry separator to remove the dry matter can reduce slurry volume by around 10%. The resultant muck can be stacked on field headlands ready for spreading, and the slurry will have less fibre so reducing surface crusts in silos and lagoons.

Separators may be screw-press or roller-press design. For sand-laden slurry we always recommend roller-press separators, such as the Sperrins Optiflow.

Large slurry cover

Covers and canopies

To prevent rainwater unnecessarily taking up slurry storage capacity, erect a canopy over the lagoon, or install a cover of the lagoon/silo. We can supply a range of options.

Ensuring adequate storage for the slurry produced by the herd during ‘closed periods’ for spreading is essential. So give us a call and speak to one of our slurry management specialists for advice on the optimum handling and storage solutions for your farm.